Frequently Asked Questions

Can your products go outside and if so how do they hold up to the weather?

Yes they can and they hold up extremely well. All our exterior projects get our signature hard coat that protects them from the harsh weather. This completely coats them and best of all they will never rot or rust. These products can take everything from hot to cold as well as rain and snow.

How do you ship your projects?

We can ship your project a variety of ways from UPS, FedEx or freight to anywhere you’d like. Our policy is to get you the best rate with the quickest transit time so we work with a logistics company to achieve that at the time of shipment. The beauty of creating things from foam means we have an ample supply of packaging materials to ensure your project arrives to you safely. We all know things can happen so when shipped, all projects are insured for the invoice value.

What colors does Innovative Foam match for finishes?

We can match colors to most national brands of paint in either our paint or acrylic texture finishes. We also match to pantone colors to the best of our ability. Pantone colors can be tricky due to their print origins, but most are achievable with a bit of patience.

What type of file is required for a quote or for manufacturing?

While vector files are preferred for both the quotes and manufacturing, we are able to quote off of many different file types such as jpg, gif, png, pdf, eps, ai, cdr or tif. If you do not have a vector file (ai, cdr or eps) for manufacture we will need to create one. Please specify that when requesting a quote. If you do not have your logo or design in one of those formats contact us to discuss options on how we can get you a quote.