Due to the process we use for manufacturing our projects we have nearly limitless design options. How do we create your project? It starts with us listening to your wants and needs. For example, Is your project an interior foam sign for your office or a large exterior monument style sign? Do you need a lightweight foam sign or prop for your trade show booth? Each has different considerations that our experienced design team can explain to you. We utilize the information gathered and provide design options, proofs or mock ups for your approval.



How do we take your design specifications and create your project? We begin with large blocks of foam. From there we cut and carve with a variety of tools to create your project. This usually begins with our CNC hotwire and router which leads to various hand tools before assembly. Once the project is assembled it then moves to our finishing department.



This is where your project comes to life. Finishing can include a variety of options depending on how your project is to be used. If it is an interior sign this may include simply painting it. If it is an exterior sign it will include our proprietary hard coating and may be finished with polyurethane paint and a acrylic texture. We use high quality paint that has excellent UV protection to prevent color fading and have a variety of options to get you the exact color you desire including the matching of pantone colors. What we use depends on what you would like your project to look like. Would you like to dress it up with brick and stone? We have several styles to choose from. How about wood grain or brushed metal faces, we can do that too.



What ever sign you receive, installation is fast and simple. Interior signs can be hung with double sided foam tape, command strips, adhesive or if desired we can install various types of picture hangers. For exterior signs make sure to check with your local government for the proper codes that apply before you begin. Due to the wide range of project options and their various installation methods around the country please ask our knowledgeable staff for recommendations.



We can ship your project a variety of ways from UPS, FedEx or freight to anywhere you’d like. Our policy is to get you the best rate with the quickest transit time so we work with a logistics company to achieve that at the time of shipment. The beauty of creating things from foam means we have an ample supply of packaging materials to ensure your project arrives to you safely. We all know things can happen so when shipped, all projects are insured for the invoice value.



Innovative Foam warrants our workmanship for five years from the date of purchase. If defects occur due to Innovative Foam workmanship within five years of the purchase date, Innovative Foam will, at our option, repair or replace the identified defect (excluding labor), subject to the limitations and exclusions.
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