Custom Foam Products

Foam Exterior Signs

Exterior foam signs are a great way to get people to notice your business and draw them in. We build attractive and inciting 3D foam signs that will do that for you! We can work with an existing design or idea you have or we can do the design for you. Our exterior signs have an EPS foam core and then are coated with our special hard coating that will protect them from the elements to ensure they last a very long time. After the hard coat is applied we use a variety of paints and finishes to get the look you desire. Exterior signs can be wall mounted panel signs, monument signs or a large version of your logo. Don’t think square and straight. With our cutting process we can shape the foam any way you would like to create exactly the look you desire. Dream big and make yourself stand out! Want to dress the sign up a bit more? Add some rock, brick or stone to it!

Foam 3D Displays

Do you want your trade show booth, conference or office to get a dose of character? Something to make people stop and take notice? How about a large 3D display? Maybe you want to simulate an object, but don’t want the weight or cost of that actual object? Is the object you need to large to fit into your booth or office and you need a scaled down version? Or do you need something that can hang from the ceiling? We have made many different projects for different uses and would love to help solve your challenges. Usually the objects are for trade show displays and there is a consideration of packaging, shipping and storage involved in the design. Let us help you capture your customers attention!

Architectural Foam Molding

Have you ever considered the possibilities that can be created with foam architectural moldings such as crown molding, accents, elements or gable ends? Want to dress up your store or house and make it unique? Need some molding for inside your business? We have done projects for individual houses all the way up to big box stores with multiple locations. Foam molding is economical, lightweight, easy to install and looks great! Exterior moldings get our signature hard coating to ensure they last a very long time.

Foam Packaging

Have you ever shipped package containing a project you have a lot of pride in, only to watch in horror as the shipping person carelessly tosses it in their truck? Have you ever dealt with a customer who received a damaged product from you? You put a lot of time, resources and pride into your products so make sure they are protected during shipping or storage with some foam packaging. We offer a variety of choices to make sure your products are delivered in the same condition they left you in.

Foam Interior Signs

Interior foam signs are a great way to make an impact on your visitors and add a bit of branding to your business. Need a logo for the conference room or office wall? A sign for behind the reception desk? Or maybe a sign to direct people in a multi-use space to your business? We manufacture great looking 3D foam signs to fit all of these and more. After cutting these signs from one of our foam choices we finish them with them with paint to match your logo or company requirements. Need more protection on these signs? Contact us with your specific needs and we can suggest one of several solutions available. Installation is made simple by their light weight and can be done by office staff. Share your logo with us and see what we can do for you!

Large Foam Numbers & Letters

Do you need some large foam numbers or letters for your next event? We can help! Need the company name or initials for the next company conference? A Ted or Tedx event with your name proudly displayed on stage? Do you want to add a special touch to your wedding… How about your name or initials at the reception? Do you need social media icons to help grow your following? All this and more can be done with great looking large foam letters and numbers! These numbers and letters can be made to stand on their own, hang, or be attached to the wall. We can customize them in whatever font and color you would like to match a company colors or event themes. We would love to help your event be memorable!

Concrete Forms

If you are building a project out of concrete why not add a bit of personality or branding to it?  Need a name added to a bridge or sidewalk?  How about adding your company logo to the sidewalk in front of your building?  Maybe it’s a specific design that you need for a wall?  We can do all of that.  We can make the design with raised or recessed features and allow it to be quickly assembled on site. Send us your ideas and specs for a quote today!


Foam Props and Shapes

Do you have a project or idea that doesn’t fit into one of the other categories? Some examples of these would be foam cones and other miscellaneous shapes, photography props, props for pageants and plays or a prototype for a new idea. Contact us with your idea and see what we can do for you!

What you can create with foam!

  • 3D foam interior and exterior signs
  • Monument signs
  • Large foam numbers
  • Large foam letters
  • Trade show displays
  • 3D objects
  • Architectural molding components
  • Retail displays
  • Concrete molds and forms
  • Mascots
  • Prototypes and demonstration displays
  • Visual marketing displays
  • Theme environments
  • Theatrical and photography props

If you can dream it, we can build it with foam.